Casella is dedicated to reducing occupational and environmental health risks through effective monitoring solutions.

Casella prides itself on providing precision instrumentation since 1799, supplying eminent figures including David Livingstone and Charles Darwin with instrumentation for exploration and scientific work.
Casella offer smart and easy to use solutions for monitoring noise, dust and vibration. Our continuing innovation and training support ensure the next generation have the latest technology and expertise to aid health risk measurement.

Casella 62x Digital Sound Level Meter Detector
Casella PUF Filters (PK 10) for PM 10 - P118206
Casella Acoustic Calibrator, Class 1 Microphone - CEL-120/1
HAVex Vibration Meter
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Apex2 Personal Air Sampling Pump
Guardian2 Boundary Multi-Agent Monitoring Station
Casella Microdust Pro Real Time Dust Monitor - CEL-712/K1
Digital Air Flow Meter
VAPex Personal Air Sampling Pump for Low Flow Applications
Dust Detective Kit - Area and boundary nuisance dust monitor
dBadge2 Personal Noise Exposure Meter
Casella 63x Digital Sound Level Meter
Casella Vortex3 High Flow Air Sampling Pump - VRTX3
Orbi-Trace Social distancing Tag
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Casella PUF Filters (PK 10) for PM2.5 - P118204

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