Ansul Red Line® Cartridge Operated 10 lb BC Fire Extinguisher

Ansul Red Line® Cartridge Operated 10 lb BC Fire Extinguisher

Ansul® Model AA20-1 Sentry® 20 lb ABC Fire Extinguisher

Ansul Sentry 20 lb FORAY Extinguisher (AA20-1) (UL/ULC Rating: 10-A:120-B:C)
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ANSUL® AA20-1 20 Pound SENTRY® 20 FORAY® Dry Chemical Hand Portable Extinguisher operates effectively at the temperature range of -40 to 120 deg F. Extinguisher has valve that is made from a durable extruded aluminum alloy. Extinguisher measuring 22 1/2" X 9 1/2" X 7 7/32" is simple to operate and maintain. It is ideal for protection of light and ordinary hazards. Compact as well as portable extinguisher can be used for both industrial and commercial fire protection requirements. It fits most wall mounted storage cabinets. It can be used in applications like light manufacturing, restaurants, shop areas, apartment buildings and more. It has maximum effective range of 22' and discharge time of 28 sec. Extinguisher comes with large pressure gauge that is easy-to-read and has 1-piece mylar nameplates that are glare-resistant. Rechargeable extinguisher is made of long lasting high quality materials. Shell is produced with a cold deep draw process that gives a seamless steel cylinder with a high tensile strength. It produces a smooth, high integrity weld with MIG welded collar and specially pre-formed bottom enclosure. Extinguisher has easy grip handles that offer maximum portability and lets operators to fight the fire without removing work gloves. Extinguisher features rugged all-steel pick-up tubes that ensure proper as well as dependable agent flow through the valve body. It comes with large, color-coded pressure gauges to give visual indication of unit readiness. Coated steel ring pins with large 1 1/4" Dia are used and held in place by a visual inspection seal to avoid accidental discharges. It helps in easy inspection and maintenance record keeping with easy-to-scan bar coded model and UL/ULC serial numbers. Label featuring easy-to-read pictograms provides step-by-step operating instructions. Label also features useful recharge, operating temperature, maintenance, inspection, HMIS and model information. FORAY® is mono ammonium phosphate-based agent that is designed for use on class A and class B fires, class C conductivity.



  • 6 year warranty
  • Fits most extinguisher cabinets
  • 100% leak tested via mass spectrometry
  • Tough polyester-urethane powder paint
  • Extruded aluminum valve, plated steel valve stem, steel pick-up tube and plated steel ring pin
  • Glare-resistant mylar nameplate with bar-coded model and serial number
  • Color coded pressure gauge
  • Standard CO2 hanger hoo
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SKU 429530
Usually ships in 2-3 days
Manufacturer ANSUL
Price Unit Each
Color Red
Material Steel
Size 20 lb
Type Dry Chemical
Standards ANSI, UL
Approvals ANSI/UL 299 and 711, or ULC S504 and S508
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