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With over 30 years of dedicated service in the safety industry, we understand the paramount importance of maintaining a safe workplace and environment. At redasafe, we offer a comprehensive range of Industrial, Fire Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment, and safety supplies to ensure your safety at all times.

Our extensive catalog features over 100,000 safety items carefully curated from top brands, which have been rigorously vetted based on customer feedback and our own industry expertise. We are committed to providing you with the latest and most reliable technology, unwavering support, and the best value for your investment. Whatever your safety needs may be, you'll discover the perfect product within our selection.

Redasafe not only offers an extensive range of PPEs, but we are also an authorized Service & Repair Center for various safety equipment. Our team of trained and certified technicians is equipped to handle servicing and repairs for gas monitors, SCBA, fall protection gear, and more. We offer both in-house and on-site services to ensure your equipment functions optimally, maintaining your safety at all times.

Contact us today to elevate your safety standards with the best in personal protective equipment and safety supplies.

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Why Choose REDA Safe?

  • Decades of Safety Expertise: Our 30+ years in the industry is a testament to our deep understanding of safety and its significance.

  • Comprehensive Product Selection: We offer a vast inventory of over 100,000 products and 100 Category to meet every safety need in your organization.

  • Efficient Delivery: With our rapid shipping services, you'll receive your orders precisely when you need them.

  • Expert Technical Support: Our adept technical team is available to assist you through any channel, whether online or in-person, at your convenience.

  • Curated Brand Portfolio: We've handpicked each brand for its superior technology, user comfort, and value, all confirmed by years of customer satisfaction and our own expertise.

  • Unmatched After-Sales Service: Our nationwide network of authorized service and repair centers are equipped to maintain the highest performance of your safety equipment.

Mission: We're committed to delivering state-of-the-art solutions for fire safety and environmental protection.

Purpose: Our aim is to foster a culture of safety within the industries we serve.

Our Core Values



Unwavering commitment to honesty and ethical practices in every aspect of our business.

Pursuit of Excellence

Pursuit of Excellence:

Continuously striving to surpass industry standards through innovation and continuous learning.



Encouraging collaborative efforts to innovate and provide superior solutions.



Embracing responsibility for our actions and decisions, ensuring transparency and reliability.