Marine Safety

Marine safety equipment is essential for ensuring the protection and assistance of individuals engaged in activities on, in, or around various water bodies. These products are vital for emergency response teams tackling water rescues and flood situations. Our range includes immersion survival and rescue suits that are designed to prevent water ingress, offer hypothermia protection, and assist in maintaining buoyancy. Additionally, our collection features life jackets and personal flotation devices (PFDs) that are crucial for staying afloat in challenging water conditions. We also provide essential water-rescue tools such as ring buoys, which are instrumental in aiding swimmers in distress, and rescue boats, designed for efficient evacuation from sinking or overturned vessels. This comprehensive selection of marine safety gear is geared towards enhancing safety and preparedness in any water-related emergency.

Standard Life Jacket, I-223 USCG Type V, Foam Flotation Material, Size: Universal
Hammar H20 Standard SOLAS Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU)
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MUSTANG SURVIVAL SOLAS Type 1 Adult Life Jacket - MV8040
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Survitec Premier Compact Lifejacket - 10670
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Throwable I-030 Ring Buoy, 30 W x 4 H x 30" Dia, Polyethylene, USCG Approved Type IV, 32 lb. Buoyancy
Life Jacket Offshore Flotation Vest Device - 198RT
Life Jacket Stearns Flotation L160 Ocean Mate I Adult Vest
Throw Bag w/Rescue Rope, Nylon Cordura
HEMILIGHT™3 Survivor Rescue Light - ACR-3764
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Elliot IBA Liferafts (4 - 151 person models)
MUSTANG SURVIVAL HIT™ Inflatable Life Jacket, Auto Hydrostatic - MD3188

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