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  • Connect your entire worksite with the Area Monitor

    Connect your entire worksite with the Area Monitor

    View our portfolio of gas detection systems

  • Bringing Fire Safety to Your Doorstep

    Bringing Fire Safety to Your Doorstep

    Braving the Blaze with Unmatched Firefighting Gear

  • Experience Precision and Protection

    Experience Precision and Protection

    Enhance Your Welding Experience with Our Cutting-Edge Technology Helmets

  • Feeling Safe When Working at Height

    Feeling Safe When Working at Height

    Designed to provide safe working at height

  • Our Goal: ZERO Accidents

    Our Goal: ZERO Accidents

    Prevent accidents with lockout/tagout solutions

  • Arm Yourself

    Arm Yourself

    Guarding Lives with Arc Flash Protection: Safety in Every Spark

  • Guarding Every Breath

    Guarding Every Breath

    Your Trusted Supplier in Gas Detection Devices

  • Tough Jobs Need Tough Gloves

    Tough Jobs Need Tough Gloves

    Built for comfort, enhanced with impact protection

Haws Safety Showers, Your Shield in Emergencies
Haws Safety Showers, Your Shield in Emergencies
Engineered for Reliability and Rapid Response. Our range of safety showers provides immediate and effective first aid in the event of chemical spills or hazardous material exposure, ensuring both compliance and worker safety in diverse environments

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3M Safety Goggles, 2890A Indirect Vented, Anti-Fog, Clear Acetate Lens
star 5 (1)
SAR 59.80

In stock

HAWS AXION® MSR COMBINATION Emergency Safety Shower and Eye/Face Wash, 8300-8309
star 5 (1)
Special Price SAR 3,335.00 Regular Price SAR 3,565.00

In stock

HyperKewl Fire Resistant Cooling Vest
As low as SAR 411.70

In stock

3M™ X5P5E PELTOR™ Hard Hat Attached Electrically Insulated Earmuffs
MSA V-FORM Harness, Standard, Back, Chest & Hip D-Rings, Qwik-Fit Leg Straps
DuPont™ Tyvek® Disposable Coverall with Hood with Safety Instructions, Elastic Cuff, White
3M™ 8511 Particulate Mask, N95 With Cool Flow™ Exhalation Valve, NIOSH APPROVED
Ansell AlphaTec® 58-435 GRIP™ Nitrile chemical-resistant gloves
Honeywell BWC2-H BW Clip 2 Year H2S Single Gas Detector
Ansell 11-840 HyFlex Safety GLoves Nylon Light Duty Multi-Purpose
star 5 (1)
As low as SAR 9.78

In stock

Ansell HyFlex® 11-939 Fully Dipped Oil-Repellent Lightweight Gloves
Ansul Red Line® I-K-30-G  418264/428231 Cartridge Operated 30 lb BC Fire Extinguisher
Oberon 12 Cal TCG™ Arc Flash Visor Face Shield and Hard Cap, True Gray Color - NFPA 70E
star 5 (1)
Special Price SAR 747.50 Regular Price SAR 782.00

In stock

Industrial Scientific Tango TX1-2 H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Single Gas Monitor, 3 Year Warranty
Justrite Sure-Grip® EX Flammable Safety Cabinet, 60 Gallon, 2 Self-Close Doors, Yellow - 896020
Paulson International ARC Flash Faceshield, Clear, Polycarbonate, HT™ Lens, Rated 14 CAL/CM² Class 2
JSP EVO®2 Safety Helmet, Slip Ratchet, Blue - AJE030-050-500
3M™ Adflo™ Powered Air Purifying Respirator System with 3M™ Speedglas™ G5-01 Series Welding Helmet (617820) Kit
OBERON 40 CAL TCG™ ARC Flash Kit (Hood, Coat, and BIB with Light & Vent)

New Arrivals

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3M™ Organic Vapor Cartridge/Filter 60921, P100
HONEYWELL NOTIFIER XP10-M module with ten input monitoring capability.
BW Clip Single Gas Detector, 16-17 Months, H2S, Real Time - BWC2R-H
MSA Lunar, Handheld, Wireless Device for Firefighters - PART OF THE MSA CONNECTED FIREFIGHTER PLATFORM
MSA M1 SCBA System (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus)
MSA Fire Helmet Gallet F2 XR And Accessories
MSA Fire Helmet Gallet F1 XF And Accessories
3M™ SecureFit™ Hard Hat , Red, 4-Point Pressure Diffusion Ratchet Suspension, with Uvicator - H-705SFR-UV
CAT Streamline 2.0 Leather Composite Toe Work Shoe, Black - P91351
As low as SAR 399.00

In stock

Brady® BrightSorb High Visibility Safety Absorbent Roll - 309072
EcoPolyBlend Yellow 2 Drum In-Line Pallet with Drain - 28624
Red 5 gallon steel safety can with brass faucet for laboratory use - 7150150
2000L dangerous goods outdoor storage unit - SCORF2
SAR 7,475.00

In stock

3M SecureFit Yellow Hard Hat with UVicator and Ratchet Suspension - H-702SFR-UV
Portwest Bizflame Navy FR Rain Jacket with anti-static properties, model S785NAR
LION BullsEye™  Digital Fire Extinguisher Training System Water Enabled V3 - 091516
3M clear uncoated safety glasses, frameless and wraparound design, model 11228-00000-100
Ansell ActivArmr Class 1 bi-color electrical insulating gloves RIG114YBSC
Ultima XE/XI housing for remote sensor installation with 3/4" NPT, part 10044457
UVEX Safety Gloves, General Purpose, Palm and Fingertips Coated - 60070-10

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