BRADY Plastic Coated Steel Cable 4.76mm x 3m, 800115

BRADY Plastic Coated Steel Cable 4.76mm x 3m, 800115

Brady Gate Valve Lockout-Valve Wheel : 1

Brady Gate Valve Lockout-Valve Wheel : 1" - 2.5"

Brady Ultimate Lockout Kit, 806178

This is our most extensive Lockout Tagout kit and includes everything a larger company might need for their Lockout Tagout programme as well as training material
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Large Universal Valve Lockout base clamping unit, Large Blocking Arm, Cable attachment, Adjustable gate valve device, APCLO with sheathed metal cable, Large Plug lockout device, Red butterfly valve lockout, Cylinder tank lockout, Gas cylinder lockout, Mini cable lockout, 227V No-hole circuit breaker, 480-600V No-hole circuit breaker, 480-600V Breaker blocker kit, Miniature circuit breaker demo kit (1 off each type), Economy multi-pole breaker, Nylon lockout hasp, 1 pack of red safety padlocks, 1 pack of red safety lockouts (25mm), Duffel bag, LOTO Training Movie, "Do not operate" tag and pen, Large lockout pouch, Lockout belt pouch.

833918 Lockout / Tagout – Global Best Practice Training Movie. Reduce work accidents!
050899 Large Universal Valve Lockout Base Clamping Unit 
065403 Large Blocking Arm
051395 Cable attachment with 2.44 metre sheathed cable. Cable diameter 3.25 mm
064057 Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout
050943 All Purpose Cable Lockout with Vinyl Coated Metal Cable- 2.44 m
065675 Lockout Devices for Plug Connections - Large 
256960 Butterfly Valve Lockout 
046139 Cylinder Tank Lockout 
045629 Gas Cylinder Lockout 
050940 Mini Cable Lockout with steel cable 
065396 No Hole Circuit Breaker Lockout - 277 Volt Device 
065397 No Hole Circuit Breaker Lockout - 480-600 Volts Device 
090891 480-600V Breaker Lockout Kit* 
805853 Miniature Breaker Lockout Demo Kit
805814 Economy Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout
236916 Nylon Lockout Hasp 1
051339 Safety Padlocks - Standard 6
805840 Safety Lockout 12
099162 Lockout Duffel Bag 1
256565 Tag: “DO NOT OPERATE - 75 x 160 mm
050979 Large Lockout Pouch 1
051172 Lockout Belt Pouch 1
087052 Permanent Marker - Fine 1

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SKU 806178
Usually ships in 2-3 days
Manufacturer BRADY
Brand Brady
Price Unit Kit
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