Flame Resistant Safety Garments

Arc Flash & Flame-Resistant Protective Clothing

Arc flash and flame-resistant clothing protects workers from burns in areas with sparks, open flame, and other potential fire hazards. It meets NFPA 70E standards for use near electrical equipment where arc flash hazards exist. Arc flash and flame-resistant material resists burning and melting and is self-extinguishing. All arc flash clothing is flame-resistant but not all flame-resistant clothing is arc flash-rated. Different garment types are often worn together to provide more coverage, Fire is unpredictable. And deadly. That’s why workers who face on-the-job threats of fire and electric arc hazards rely on (FR) clothing made with DuPont Nomex®.

  • FR, Nomex® Comfort Shirt, Flame Resistance, CAT1, NFPA 2113, UL, NC359
    As low as SAR 170.29

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  • Ansell AlphaTec® 4000 CFR Stitched & Taped, Model 111
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  • National Safety Apparel Lightweight UltraSoft FR Balaclava, Flame Resistant - H11RY