Vibration Monitoring

Portable and Boundary Vibration Monitoring System

Boundary Monitor is designed to help you remain compliant with site emission levels, using remote monitoring and reporting of vibration levels. Other models are availavle for noise, dust etc. Powered by mains, solar or battery, the Guardian2 is ideal for any constructionor demolition monitoring, no matter how remote. For further details on solar or battery power options see the solar and battery power section below. Simply plug in to the power source and it will begin continuous emission monitoring. Hand Arm Vibration, commonly referred to as HAV syndrome, is caused by exposure to vibration in the workplace can lead to serious consequences, causing long-term injury or impairment. Monitoring gives employers the knowledge that tools and machinery continue to be safe for use after purchase, helping to ensure worker productivity and safety. When manufactured, all monitoring devices should adhere to the standard ISO8041.

  • HAVex Vibration Meter
    SAR 13,803.45

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  • UT310 Series Vibration Testers
    SAR 1,361.85

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  • EXTECH Heavy Duty Vibration Meter
    SAR 5,462.50

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