Our Matting category offers a diverse selection of safety mats designed to enhance workplace safety and cleanliness. These mats serve multiple purposes: they minimize slip-and-fall hazards, protect floors, and provide essential cushioning. Antifatigue mats are a key feature, offering relief for workers standing for extended periods by reducing back and leg strain. Chair and floor mats are crafted to prevent damage to various types of flooring. For environments sensitive to contamination, our cleanroom tacky mats effectively remove dust and debris from footwear and equipment. Drainage mats are excellent for managing water accumulation, keeping facilities dry and safe. ESD mats are essential for areas with sensitive electronics, as they safely dissipate static charges. Additionally, our range includes interlocking mats and edging for customizable matting solutions, and switchboard mats that offer vital insulation against electrical shocks, ideal for use near high-voltage areas. These mats not only provide added support and comfort but also play a crucial role in maintaining a safe and efficient work environment.

Salisbury Switchboard Matting Roll Goods 36'' Width Sold By roll Class 2 Type II
Electrical Insulated Diamond Switchboard Matting, Class 2 Di-electric Strength: 30,000 volts / Roll
479 Cushion Trax® Anti Fatigue Mat, 91 cm x 150 cm
3M Indoor/Outdoor Anti-Slip Safety-Walk™ Mat, 10 ft L, 3 ft W, 1/4 in Thick, Rectangle, Blue
3M Indoor/Outdoor Anti-Slip Safety-Walk™ Mat, 20 ft L, 3 ft W, 1/4 in Thick, Rectangle, Blue
Honeywell Salisbury M48-2 Class 2 Type II Switchboard Matting
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Drop Object Prevention Mat - XDROP Mat Lite
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Dropped Objects Prevention Work Mat 220 X 120cm Including Magnets

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