Shower Spare Parts

Emergency Eye Wash and Shower Accessories

Emergency eye wash and shower accessories improve or add to the functionality of emergency eye wash stations and emergency showers and keep them working properly.

HAWS SP260 Shower Ball Valve
Haws SP220 Foot Treadle control assembly
HAWS Dust Cover, stainless steel cover that protects the eyewash heads as well as the bowl.
HAWS green polyethylene plastic dust cover. Dust covers protect heads and automatically releases with water pressure.
HAWS NIPPLE;1 X 8 IN,SS 304,CL150,IPS,CL 150
HAWS Ball Valve With Flag stainless steel push flag that operates a stay-
HAWS Shower Ball Valve , stainless steel stay-open ball valve with stainless steel ball and stem.
HAWS  Stainless Steel In-Line Mesh Water Strainer 1/2 x1/4
HAWS NIPPLE;1-1/4 X 24 IN,SS304,CL150,IPS
HAWS TEE,PIPE;1-1/4 X 1-1/4 X 1-1/4 IN,SS304
HAWS AXION® MSR stainless steel eye/face wash head with inverted directional flow
HAWS Switch, Proximity, DPDT, 120VAC, 3 Amp, NPT(F), C1D1, TILT MAG, BRACKET, 6-WIRE
HAWS High Visibility Striped Label, SP185
HAWS Emergency body spray unit with ABS plastic head, 8901RFK
Haws Safety Shower Sign, SP177
HAWS NIPPLE;1-1/4 X 3 IN,SS 304,CL 150
Haws Faucet Bubbler ,Polished Stainless Steel Push Button Bubbler Valve with Integral Adjustable Pressure Compensating Stream Regulation
HAWS ABS plastic eyewash head with tripod anchor
HAWS Freeze-protection Bury Valve
HAWS Freeze-protection Bury Valve, 3/4" NPT.
HAWS Eyewash Head W/Nozzle
HAWS Green Rubber Hose 8' (243.8 cm), 250 psi (17.2 bar)
HAWS NIPPLE 1 X 12-1/2 IN,SS 304,CL 150