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Discover our extensive selection of safety covers, tailored to safeguard your equipment and materials effectively. Our range includes covers crafted from various materials like polyethylene, flame-resistant fabrics, nylon, cotton, canvas, and vinyl. These covers are designed to shield against an array of elements such as dust, water, chemicals, flames, and UV rays. They are ideal for protecting truck beds, trailers, construction materials, tools, fire and safety equipment, furniture, floors, and more, available in both general-duty and heavy-duty options. Additionally, our locking confined space covers not only signal the presence of confined spaces but also provide a secure barrier, preventing unauthorized access. Our product lineup includes confined space covers, fire extinguisher covers, eyewash vinyl covers, welding curtains, flange corrosion protection covers, fire blankets, round sewer covers, and spill pallet covers. Plus, we offer customization options for your safety covers, ensuring you get the exact protection you need. Contact our sales team to tailor your safety covers to your specific requirements.

TFE SPRA-GARD® – Flanges Corrosion Protection TFE-150
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3M™ Disposable Shoes Cover, Protective Overshoe, 442
 HAWS yellow plastic dust cover for the AXION® MSR eye/face wash head, 9010
3M™ Overshoe, Shoes Cover, Blue, Slip Resistant
ALLEGRO Manhole Cover Lid Lifter, Steel, 72 in Overall Length - 9401-25
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Shoes Cover, Tyvek TY454SWH 18" Over Boot Covers with Elastic Top, White, One Size Fits Most
Round Sewer Covers
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ALLEGRO Manhole Cover Lid Lifter, 900 lb Capacity - 32MZ68
JUNKIN First Aid Blanket,  62" W X 82" L  - JSA-502
Justrite VaporTrap™ Drum Cover With Gasket and Port for 55 Gallon Drum, Manual-Close, Steel, Red - 26754
Wilson Orange 14-Mil See-Thru Welding Curtain, 6’ x 6’ See-Thru Orange Curtain
WILSON Gold 14-Mil See-Thru Welding Curtain, 6’ x 6’ See-Thru Gold Curtain
3M™ High Performance Welding Drape, 57 in x 80 in, 1 per case - 05919
Woven Silica Fabric -satin weave
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Solid Lockable Confined Space Cover
Eyewash Vinyl Cover to Protect Against Dust and Debris, Clear
Square Sewer Covers, Dimensions 26" x 26"
Brady Ventilated Lockable Confined Space Cover

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