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Latchways WalkSafe® Walkway Systems

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MSA Latchways® Vertical Ladder Lifeline System

MSA Latchways VersiRail® Rooftop Guardrail System

MSA VersiRail® Guardrail Systems act as rooftop railings and are non-penetrating to prevent roof leakage. VersiRail guardrail roof railing solutions are designed to be easily assembled on the roof surface without penetrating the roof membrane. Systems can be designed for any roof or building structure per OSHA requirements.

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Product Details

  • Guardrail solution for all types of roofs
  • Lightweight aluminum guardrail is 30% lighter than traditional steel guardrail
  • Guardrail designed for quick installation
  • Four style options (curved guardrail, inclined guardrail, straight and folding guardrail (freestanding only)
  • Four fixing options (Slab mounting plate, wall mounting plate, Z-Type mounting plate, parapet mounting plate)
  • Three finishes (natural, polished or powder coated to a RAL color) ensuring you can tailor the system to match your requirements and surroundings
  • Attractive and aesthetically pleasing guardrail
  • VersiRail guardrail does not require annual inspection
  • Meets all OSHA and EN guardrail standards


Key Advantages

  • Durable aluminum, corrosion-resistant construction Lightweightquick
    and easy installation
  • 30% lighter than the steel alternative
  • Fixed or freestanding
  • Adaptable, modular easy-fix system
  • Fully weatherproof
  • No need for annual inspection
  • Versatile-can be designed for any flat roof plan
  • Available in three styles-straight, curved, inclined
  • Freestanding option-no need to penetrate the roof
  • Fixed option -a range of different heights to meet your needs (300,
    500, 700, 900, 1000 and 1100 mm)
  • Guardrail compliant to OSHA, EN 13374, EN 14122-3


Fully tested

VersiRail has been fully tested to EN 13374 at 2.5m spacings for the freestanding system and to EN 14122-3 at 1.5m spacings for the fixed system.

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